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Tea ceremony in WAK JAPAN

The Way of Tea includes many elements of Japanese culture and has influenced the aesthetic sense of Japan.
At a traditional Kyoto townhouse, we'd like to provide you with a tranquil moment to get acquainted with the world of tea ceremony and enjoy a cup of tea. It would be an unforgettable memory in Kyoto.
The tea ceremony program at WAK JAPAN can be arranged to fit a variety of needs, private lessons, group sessions, or in home lessons are available upon request. The tea ceremony program can be combined with the kimono lesson upon request as well.

Learn the heart of Japanese hospitality through the tea ceremony

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一般家庭で着物を着ての茶道体験<?en:Tea Ceremony with kimono at a Local Home?>
Plan ID:014

2017/03/24 Tea Ceremony with kimono at a Local Home

This is one of the WAK JAPAN's original programs featuring Tea Ceremony at an
instructor's home.
As part of this program, you can experience a Tea ceremony while
enjoying being dressing up in a long-sleeved Kyo-yuzen brand kimono, which is recognized as one of the traditional Japanese crafts featuring colorful and gorgeous as well as classical patterns.
着物を着ての茶道体験【和心館】<?en:Tea Ceremony with Kimono@Washin-kan?>
Plan ID:011

2017/03/24 Tea Ceremony with Kimono@Washin-kan

Tea ceremony and Kimono fitting in the old capital, Kyoto
茶道【和心館】<?en:Tea Ceremony@Washin-kan?>
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2017/03/24 Tea Ceremony@Washin-kan

In this program, you can try making a cup of tea under an instructor's guidance as well
as learn a wide range of Japanese culture including tea room and tea tools, along with
the history of the Way of Tea.