10:00(0 people) 13:30(0 people)
15:30(0 people)

Tea Ceremony@Wakwak-kan

Venue: Wakwak-kan【Wakwak-kan】.
*please use 【Contact us】to reserve this program.

9:30(6 people) 11:30(6 people)
13:30(6 people) 15:30(6 people)
Tea Ceremony@Washin-kan

Venue: Kyoto Washin-kan【Washin-kan】.
*please use 【Contact us】to reserve this program.

9:30(6People) 13:00(6People) 15:00(6People)
Tea Ceremony+Kimono Casual Course@Wakwak-kan

Venue: Wakwak-kan【Wakwak-kan】.

9:00(6People) 11:00(6People) 13:00(6People) 15:00(6People)
Tea Ceremony+Kimono Casual Course@Washin-kan

Venue: Kyoto Washin-kan【Washin-kan】.

9:00(6People) 11:30(6People) 14:30(6People)

Venue: Wakwak-kan【Wakwak-kan】.
*please use 【Contact us】to reserve this program.



Venue: Kyoto Washin-kan【Washin-kan】.
*please use 【Contact us】to reserve this program.



Venue: Wakwak-kan【Wakwak-kan】.
*please use 【Contact us】to reserve this program.



Venue: Kyoto Washin-kan【Washin-kan】.
*please use 【Contact us】to reserve this program.

WAK JAPAN provides foreign travelars with an opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese cultural activities such as Tea ceremony, Flower arrangment, Cooking, Dressing up in Kimono, among others.

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Popular cultural activities
See, touch and learn the WAK JAPAN's cultural experiences
  • Japanese Cooking
  • Japanese Cooking
  • These programs feature a unique opportunity to make sushi at a long-established sushi restaurant in Kyoto or sake tasting at a former sake brewery.
  • Kimono Wearing
  • Kimono Wearing
  • This program includes a lecture about Kimono by a Kimono specialist as well as dressing up in Kimono.
  • Tea ceremony
  • You can try to make matcha tea under instructor's guidance.
  • Calligraphy
  • After practicing well, you will make your own calligrapfic work.
  • Origami
  • Origami is a traditional art which transforms a sheet of paper into a variety of shapes, such as animals and flowers through folding techniques.
  • 日付からから選ぶ
  • Flower arrangement
  • You can enjoy a flower arranging class while learning the difference between a Japanese arranging style and a western one.
  • Japanese book binding
  • First, you can learn about the techniques of binding such as Yotsume, Kikko and Kikka as well as some tools, then bind a book using string.
  • Koto
  • Koto is a traditional Japanese instrument with thirteen strings. Its sound features distinctive deep tones. This program is instructed by a professional Koto player.
  • Japanese lesson
  • A WAK JAPAN's experienced Japanese teacher teaches Japanese for children as well as for adults.

  • KARUTA of Tea ceremony
  • Contact us
WAK JAPAN's Publications


  • Many Japanese people would like foreign visitors to Japan to experience
    and appreciate wonderful Japanese culture.
  • Those who were offered kindness in foreign lands think so more strongly. We all know that only one or two hands-on cultural experience would not help people to gain thorough understanding of the culture. However, if you visit one country and enjoy a cultural experience with an experienced instructor there, you will probably come to like the country. We are proud of ourselves that we are making these things happen in Japan. What we always have in our minds is to offer foreign visitors wishing to do cultural experiences more in-depth and easy-to-understand explanation.
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Additional Year-end fees from Dec.25 to Jan.3

Dec.25 & 26: 30% up from regular fee
Dec.27 – 30: 50% up
Dec.31 & Jan.1: 100% up
Jan.2 & 3: 50% up

*We can arrange only 9 programs from Dec.29th to Jan.3rd;
Home Visit Tea ceremony, Home Visit Cooking, Home Visit Flower arrangement.
Tea ceremony, Tea ceremony with kimono, Kimono wearing, Origami, Calligraphy and Flower arrangement at WAK JAPAN’s machiya house.

WAK JAPAN New Year Holiday’s Open hour
Dec.29-30: 10:00-17:00
Dec.31-Jan.1: 9:00-12:00
Jan.2-3: 10:00-17:00

Contact: 81 +75 212 9993

"The 4th Japan Tourism Awards"
WAK JAPAN has got an award again by Tourism EXPO Japan.

Field of Domestic / Inbound Japan
Business Division

Making a program of Origami as Japanese culture, and
producing Origami products, Kyohana-akari, to support patients with incurable diseases.
*Please see here for the image of Kyohana-akari: https://www.facebook.com/wakjapan/
"Notice of temporary closure"
I am very sorry to trouble it with inconvenience.Temporarily closed because of typhoon 9/30&10/1am
"Habataku 300 Small Business Companies in 2018"

WAK JAPAN has got an award "Habataku 300 Small Business Companies in
2018" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
We're honored to have been selected for this award by the
recommendation of many people.
I want to proceed business succession smoothly while continuing certain growth.
Also I would like to do my best to provide many visitors worldwide
with an opportunity to understand Japanese culture and enjoy them,
rather than to extend our business.

I appreciate all of WAK JAPAN's attendants and instructors who have
supported us so far, along with travel agencies that have introduced
us wonderful customers.

I hope we can keep working with you as well as going forward together.

Managing Director of WAK JAPAN
Michi Ogawa

Field of Domestic / Inbound Japan
Business Division

Cultural exposure options targeting wealthy tourists from
overseas/teacjer education
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May 25, 2017 WAK 's attendance was introduced in the newspaper

Instructor of wakjapan, Seiko Katsukiu was introduced at the Yomiuri Shimbun on May 25, 2017.
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We opened a new luxury room in Wakwak-kan!
You can experience a tea ceremony, origami etc. in a relaxing room that has never existed before.
Of course you can use it with a family with children..

Please feel free to contact us for details on usage fee, availability etc.
Hanayaka Kansai Forum
On March 27th of 2017, WAK JAPAN Co. was awarded the grand prize of "The 1st Hanayaka Kansai Miryoku Upward Award" from Hanayaka Kansai Forum, appreciating the WAK JAPAN's project "Raising the Kyoto value for overseas wealthy class visitors and Providing the activity of traditional culture".