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日本語レッスン<?en:Japanese Language?>
Plan ID:0154

Japanese Language

A WAK JAPAN's experienced Japanese teacher teaches Japanese for children as well
as for adults.
They will be able to talk about themselves in Japanese after 60-minute-lesson.
尺八(プライベート)<?en:Shakuhachi (Private)?>
Plan ID:0153

Shakuhachi (Private)

Playing Shakuhachi (a five-holed bamboo Japanese flute)
Plan ID:0151


Koto is a traditional Japanese instrument with thirteen strings. Its sound features
distinctive deep tones. This program is instructed by a professional Koto player.
Please enjoy beautiful, soft Koto tones that have been loved by Japanese people
since ancient times.

* We recommend pairing the Koto playing class with a Kimono fitting!

Plan ID:0149


Refresh yourself by Taiko beating
Taiko beating is one of family-friendly activities in the WAK JAPAN's programs.
The loud sound of Taiko echoing throughout the body will satisfy your trip in Kyoto.