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祇園散・舞妓さんとお茶屋あそび<?en:GION Walk and Dinner  with a MAIKO?>
Plan ID:0148

GION Walk and Dinner with a MAIKO

WAK JAPAN provides you with a special chance to meet Maiko for an unforgettable memory
in Kyoto. You can ask them about their everyday life as well as the beautiful kimono, hair accessories,
or anything else you're interested in.
A WAK attendant will wait for you in a Geiko distirct such as Gion or Kamishichiken.
You can ask the attendant about Maiko's life including their training or customs as well.
Then you will move to another Maiko district and finally meet Maiko at Ochaya, traditional tea house.
During having a light dinner, you can enjoy talking with Maiko and her dance upon request.
京都農業体験コース(プライベート)<?en: Kyoto Farm Experience Course (Private)?>
Plan ID:098

Kyoto Farm Experience Course (Private)

Go to a real farm to learn about organic farming, and harvest some seasonal vegetables.
Later, enjoy lunch with the vegetables you picked at a traditional machiya restaurant nearby.
和装結婚式<?en:Kyoto wedding experience?>
Plan ID:054

Kyoto wedding experience

WAK JAPAN's wedding program provides a memorable honeymoon or wedding
anniversary in accordance with an ancient custom.
First, you dress up in a Japanese bridal costume made of high quality white silk.
For men, we also provide a bridegroom costume with hakama, a formal divided skirt.
Then, you have ceremonial sake and visit a non-public area in the shrine as you hear
about the history and customs of a Japanese wedding from a Wak attendant.

着物ドレス<?en:Kimono Dress?>
Plan ID:053

Kimono Dress

First, you can choose a kimono that will be converted into a dress, from more than 30
gorgeous kimono. Afterwards, a professional tailor will take your measurements, and
alter the kimono by hand. (About two weeks are required for completion.)