What is the difference between Home Visit & Cultural Experiences and Short Cultural Experiences?
main difference is that Home Visit Programs take place at a local family’s house while short courses take place at WAK JAPAN’s machiya townhouse.
When should I book?
We can take your booking anytime, but as a guideline, 2 weeks prior to your departure to Japan would be appreciate.
Do you accept very late booking?
Yes, we can take bookings of the programs on the day or the previous day. Please guarantee your booking by providing us with your credit card. It may take 1-2 hours to arrange an instructor for you. Please make yourself reachable by giving us your mobile phone number, etc.
Do you still need my credit card even though we wish to pay in cash?
Yes, we would like to ask you for your card information. We have had many last minute bookings and no-shows, which left us with payments to instructors, attendants, etc. To avoid this situation, we must ask you for your card information. We appreciate your understanding.
My friend is just observing the program. Will you still charge her a full price?
Yes, we are afraid that we must ask your friend a full charge as well or we must ask her not to accompany you. The reason, is that there have been many people who at first said that they would just observe but ended up in participating!
There are some foods I cannot eat. Would you avoid them if I do cooking?
We will try our effort to avoid the foods/ingredients you cannot eat unless there are so many of them. For a cooking experience, please give us accurate information of what you cannot eat well in advance.
Is there any discount for children?
No discount for children. The reason is that, in many cases, letting a child enjoy our programs would require same or even more amount of work for both an instructor and an attendant.
Are there any days you cannot take bookings?
We are happy to take bookings any day of the year as long as we can find an instructor for you. However, it is generally difficult to find instructors during year-end and new year holiday period (from 29 December to 03 January). In those days, we will either decline requests or charge extra fees. Also, there are certain days in a year (spring and autumn) when so many people wishing to do the same program and we may not be able to arrange that particular program due to the shortage of the instructors.