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2017/03/24 Obanzai@Wakwak-kan

You can try Kyo no Obanzai, a home cooking originally established in Kyoto using
many kinds of local vegetables.
巻き寿司【わくわく館】<?en:Rolled Sushi@Wakwak-kan?>
Plan ID:030

2017/03/24 Rolled Sushi@Wakwak-kan

A WAK JAPAN's cooking instructor carefully explains about how to make a rolled sushi
in order that foreign customers can make it easily.
Along with rolled sushi, a vegetabe dish and miso soup or clear soup as well as fruit are
てりやきチキン【わくわく館】<?en:Teriyaki Chicken@Wakwak-kan?>
Plan ID:036

2017/03/24 Teriyaki Chicken@Wakwak-kan

This is a cooking program featuring Teriyaki chicken.
The WAK JAPAN's original cooking method allows foreign cutomers to cook burnt-free
Teriyaki chicken easily. Along with a main course, miso soup or clear soup, a vegetable
dish and fruit are included in a cooking menu.