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着物を着ての茶道体験【和心館】<?en:Tea Ceremony with Kimono@Washin-kan?>
Plan ID:011

2017/03/24 Tea Ceremony with Kimono@Washin-kan

Tea ceremony and Kimono fitting in the old capital, Kyoto
一般家庭で着物を着ての茶道体験<?en:Tea Ceremony with kimono at a Local Home?>
Plan ID:014

2017/03/24 Tea Ceremony with kimono at a Local Home

This is one of the WAK JAPAN's original programs featuring Tea Ceremony at an
instructor's home.
As part of this program, you can experience a Tea ceremony while
enjoying being dressing up in a long-sleeved Kyo-yuzen brand kimono, which is recognized as one of the traditional Japanese crafts featuring colorful and gorgeous as well as classical patterns.
華道+着物体験【和心館】<?en:Flower Arrangement with Kimono@Washin-kan?>
Plan ID:027

2017/03/24 Flower Arrangement with Kimono@Washin-kan

Flower arranging and Kimono fitting in the old capital, Kyoto

You can enjoy a flower arranging class while learning the difference between a Japanese arranging style and a western one. Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement expresses the beauty of space while getting rid of unnecessary items as much as possible.
折り紙+着物体験【和心館】<?en:Origami with Kimono@Washin-kan?>
Plan ID:022

2017/03/24 Origami with Kimono@Washin-kan

Origami and Kimono fitting in the old capital, Kyoto.
Origami is a traditional art which transforms a sheet of paper into a variety of shapes,
such as animals and flowers through folding techniques. Origami expresses Japanese
unique sense of creativity.
書道+着物体験【和心館】<?en:Calligraphy with Kimono@Washin-kan?>
Plan ID:017

2017/03/24 Calligraphy with Kimono@Washin-kan

Japanese Calligraphy
- The one reflecting your own mind
Calligraphy is said to reflect the writer's mind as well as their writing skill. During this
program, you can create your own calligraphy after a few practice attempts.
You are able to bring your creations home with you.
* We recommend pairing the Japanese Calligraphy class with a Kimono fitting!