• Calligraphy@Washin-kan
  • 書道【和心館】<?en:Calligraphy@Washin-kan?>
  • 書道【和心館】<?en:Calligraphy@Washin-kan?>
  • 書道【和心館】<?en:Calligraphy@Washin-kan?>

Japanese Calligraphy
- The one reflecting your own mind
Calligraphy is said to reflect the writer's mind as well as their writing skill. During this
program, you can create your own calligraphy after a few practice attempts.
You are able to bring your creations home with you.
* We recommend pairing the Japanese Calligraphy class with a Kimono fitting!


・Time required approx 1h
・We have several different start time please choose your best.
1pax     :6,048yen
2pax     :3,888yen
3pax/or more :3,888yen

*To make a reservation on the day, please use Contact us.




Address:1-533-3 Yamato-oji shomen sagaru,Higashiyama ward Kyoto 605-0933


Activities: Calligraphy@Washin-kan

Number of people: 1(Price per person 6,048 yen)
Number of people: 2(Price per person 3,888 yen)
Number of people: 3(Price per person 3,888 yen)
Number of people: 4(Price per person 3,888 yen)
Number of people: 5(Price per person 3,888 yen)
Number of people:
  • Dates
  • 2017/08/12
  • Select time
1. We can arrange the program outside of business hours. (An additional fee is required.) (Business hours: 9:30-18:30)
2. The activity time may be shorter if you arrive late.
3. Public transportation may be used according to the circumstances.
4. Max group size: approximately 9 people (A large group may be divided into multiple smaller groups)
5. Child's fee is not available.
6. Interpreting services for languages other than English are available upon request. (An additional fee is required.)
7. A full charge is required for an observer.
* Cancellation charge: 7-2 days before: 20%, Previous day: 60%, On the program day: 100%
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